Models are excellent teaching tools when they are done well and accurate based on as much historical and archaeological evidence as possible. Because of the rich significance of the biblical Jewish Jerusalem Temple and the city of Jerusalem, many have labored for the last 50+ years in building and displaying models of the Temple or city of Jerusalem, the pinnacle of the Jewish biblical faith and the spiritual center of the Judeo-Christian faith (modified by John 4:21-24).

These models have ranged from small table-top displays such as at the Ariel Museum in Jerusalem, Israel to a model of 1st century AD/CE Jerusalem that covers over 100 square feet. This latter one is an outdoor display at the Holy Land Hotel in West Jerusalem not far from the Knesset and the Israel Museum. In the middle of this range was the room-size model display of the 1st century AD/CE Jerusalem at the Holy Land Experience in Orlando, Florida, which over 100,000 people saw during its years this park as open from 2000 to 2021 (unfortunately it closed). I love these models. I had an interesting experience at the Holy Land Experience model on my first visit there in 2001, but that will be accounted on

This exhibit is still under construction. Please check back periodically. More is yet to come.