Collection for the All Christian Archive began in the 1980’s before the thought of ever establishing a Christian Archive was in thought. The founder was keeping Christian conference binders, notes, course notes, etc. After earning his MSLIS degree and then starting his A USA Preservation business, the vision became clear to establish an independent Christian Archive. In seeking the domain in 2020, he added the “all” to “ChristianArchive to make it unique. site was initially launched in 2021.

The founder was also working to establish a Christian Information and Resource Center (CIRC). In the fall of 2021, he decided to dedicate some pages for the CIRC on the ACA site as an ongoing project of the ACA.

The All Christian Archive is Independently owned and operated. It is an apostolic ministry of founder Pa*l Wheelhouse, a preservationist at heart and minister’s heart. He also taught a college Religions course as an Adjunct Instructor. On the CIRC’s Information page in particular, Wheelhouse puts on both his professor and pastoral hat in writing many of the short articles on Christianity. He hopes these articles will be a real help and a blessing to many.

Pa*l Wheelhouse, Founding and Chief Archivist

Academic Qualifications:

  • MSLIS Degree with Special Collections Certificate (2 Archival courses), 2016
  • Museum Studies Graduate Certificate, 2014
  • Biblical Geography and History Certificate, Jerusalem University College, 1997
  • Master of Divinity Degree, 1994
  • Bachelor of Arts in Elementary Education

Experience Qualifications:

Cataloged all the objects/exhibit pieces in an historic CCC state park’s historical center

  • 7-month stint in the state park’s central collections facility as a research and curatorial assistant
  • 2-semester internship in a 138 year old downtown church’s Heritage Collections room as a Collections manager intern
  • 3-week practicum in the University of Illinois Urbana Champaign’s Student Life Archives as a Processing Grad student Archivist

This site is the online presence of the All Christian Archive (ACA) and also ACA’s Christian Information and Resource Center (CIRC). Both have their distinct purpose. The ACA’s express purpose is to preserve Christian heritage in all forms from individuals, families, churches, and organizations. The CIRC’s purpose is to provide information and resources to Christians everywhere, and thus is for “educational” purposes. May thousands of people be blessed and benefit from the information, the resources, and the Archive records and exhibits.

The collections are privately held. Anyone who wants more information on anything in the collections must contact us. Please go to the Contact page. Thank you.

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