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All Christian Archive

The MISSION of the All Christian Archive (ACA) is to preserve Christian heritage in all forms of records/documents and artifacts

The PURPOSE of the All Christian Archive is to collect and preserve records and artifacts in all forms, print and digital/electronic from individual Christians, churches, and ministries, of various traditions and denominations, for the Body of Christ. Its purpose as an independent Archive is to preserve all records, documents, and artifacts in perpetuity.

The VISION of the All Christian Archive is that it perpetually upholds the spiritual dimension of the Christian Archive. All the material records are evidences of spiritual life of the lives, churches, and ministries contained in the Archive, for the glory of God and the living testimony of the Church, God’s saints on Earth, to the very end. What is recorded on Earth of the lives of believers are a very imperfect representation of all God’s heavenly books, but nonetheless is for holy purposes including the encouraging Christian lives in this world of trials and tribulations. And even after the rapture and the Great Tribulation, may the records in the Christian Archive continue to be a witness to the living Christian faith on Earth to those left behind that some of them too may come to true the faith.

What Is the All Christian Archive?

The All Christian Archive – A Real Archive and An Online Representation and Presentation

The All Christian Archive (ACA) is:

  • Both an actual brick-n-mortal archive and an online digital presence, a sampling of the Archive
  • Expansive and robust in representing Christian Heritage throughout the Body of Christ
  • Independent, not owned or operated by any one denomination or association nor under the authority of any ONE ecclesiastical authority, but as a ministry to the whole Body submits itself to the whole Body and is under the authority of Christ in Heaven and Christ through His Body. Please read more on About Us.

All Christian Archive's

Digital Collections

Over 30,000 records, church bulletins, newsletters, Bible teaching notes, Christian faith teaching notes, discipleship training, witnessing materials, seminars, conferences, course notes, correspondence, personal papers, etc.

Hundreds of photos of churches, exhibits, people, Holy Land/Israel, Christian art, etc.

Cross collection, Prints on the Christian faith, and Christian Art, a small developing collection.