Thank you for wanting to contribute to preserve Christian heritage and/or submit information or an article for the Christian Information and Resource Center (CIRC) of the All Christian Archive. There are no fees or charges to submit material to the ACA or information or articles to the CIRC. But your support is welcome. For support, please go to our GoFundMe page. Thank you for your support. Contributions are currently not tax-deductible since the ACA is being managed by a for-profit business (with a non-profit heart).

Each Submitter for the ACA Archive is also called a Depositor and a Donor. Any materials submitted whether in electronic form or mailed in are considered DEPOSITS into the Archive. Please see the FAQs page which will give you more answers to even questions. The Deposits and Deed of Gift form must be completed for each of your submissions (forthcoming. Our apologies. This site is still being developed more fully). It is a separate form than this form below [not yet below-being developed; our apologies] where you upload the files you wish to send. The contact information on this submission form and the material submitted should match the contact information on the Deposits and Deed of Gift form.


You’re privacy is important to us. We do NOT post anything online for the ACA unless you expressly give permission, notating it on the submission form. If there is any copyrighted material, you have the choice to keep the copyrights or sign them over to the ACA.

For those submitting any efiles for CIRC, its purpose is to post as a resource on this website and we therefore presume that is your intent. The material will be your own material or material created by others if you have their permission to share it with us for ACA’s CIRC.