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All submissions to the ACA Archive are presumed to be private, not for the public, purposed for preserving. If you do have any content which you do want to be displayed on the website for the benefit of readers, please let us know and designate specifically what. You can change your mind later either way. You retain the copyrights of any copyrighted materials in which you own the copyrights. A completed Deed of Gift is required for any archival materials mailed in. The ownership of the materials are transferred to the ACA. A completed Deed of Gift is also required for any e-files sent either electronically or on disks or thumb drives. In the case of e-files, due to the nature of e-files, the ownership is not transferred but you grant ACA the ownership of the copies you send. If you wan to access any records or objects you sent to the ACA, you must contact the ACA in advance to make arrangements. You would be responsible for any travel costs, and there may be an access fee assessed.

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