Sunday January 28, 2024

Paul of St. Louis, lesser Apostle of our Lord Jesus


Over 1 million Gazans right now are at risk of starving. We need to exercise our Christian care for these people who the world for the most part is wanting to forget. Instead, let is bring the Good News to them, motivated by what God has done for us. They need our help. They are like a people without a shepherd. God loves them as much as He loves us!

Did you know that a percentage of Arab Palestinians are Christian? That is right. At that time I lived in Jerusalem, Israel 1996-’97, 30% of the Arab Palestinians were Christian! Television news never reports this. Now this number has been dwindling down since the Second Antifada in 2003. Christian Arab Palestinians are in the crossfire between Israel and Muslim Arab Palestinians, mistreated by both. So more and more continue to immigrant out of Palestine-Israel to places like North America.

The two main centers of Christian Arab Palestinians for decades have been Bethlehem and Haifa, but there has been a community in Ramallah too.

While I am not personally aware of there being a Christian community in Gaza, its all the more reason why we should send Care Packages to them.

Name: Care Packages (we particularly as Christians are doing this motivated by our Christian faith. We need not put the name “Christian” on the package, for many non-Christian prospective recipients most likely will misunderstand that it is FOR Christians. Rather, the “Christian” refers to the makers and givers of these packages. It evidences our Christian faith. And a letter will be included that expresses this. See package items below.

Goal: over 1 million packages assembled and shipped to Gaza

Congregational involvement

Congregations and individuals throughout the body of Christ, any congregation, of various traditions and denominations, can participate (this announcement is YOUR invite). Each participates independently and may adapt the contents of the Care Packages as they may be led. The package items listed below are the items I am suggesting. We do want to know those who participate and how many are made up and to coordinate the shipping to them to Gaza. The sponsoring org for this “tracking” is not yet determined.

The project coordinator and sponsoring organizations are not yet determined. Please contact me for inquiries, involvement, suggestions, etc. (see contact below)


To begin with, what kind of package is good for this and for easy distribution? I envisioned a white nap sack that could also be doubled to use as a white flag.

Inside Contents: (practical items, a few comfort items)

  • A small pillow
  • A couple bottles of water
  • Some individually packaged food items: dates, figs, granola bars, protein bars
  • An empty opaque plastic bottle for urinating and/or other purposes
  • Hand sanitizer
  • Arabic Bible
  • Book: Joshua in the Holy Land (translated in Arabic)
  • “Peace, Comfort, and Hope” tract (bi-lingual English and Arabic, written by Apostle Paul of St. Louis)
  • “Children of Abraham” tract (bi-lingual English and Arabic written by Apostle Paul of St. Louis)
  • “You are not Forgotten” enclosed letter expressing our support, Christians around the world, also printed in a tract form for easy carrying, drafted by Apostle Paul of St. Louis


Your brother in Christ, Paul of St. Louis, Lesser apostle of our Lord Jesus

Email: apostlepaulofstlouis@gmail[followed by the suffice .com after the period]