The Personal Collection of Paul Wheelhouse, 1992-2022

Collection Overview

Personal Papers including Course material, course notes, journals

Photographs and Postcards


Itineraries, Travel brochures, Site souvenir booklets


Books on Israel, Jerusalem, and Middle East: Atlas’s, Geography, Archaeology, Religion, Culture

Magazine and Newspaper issues, articles

“Sounds of Jerusalem” audio recording on cassette tape

Documentary and Travel videos on VHS & DVD

Objects: Archaeological objects and souvenirs

Samples from Collection

Christian News From Israel Special Edition XIX no. 3-4

This Christian News from Israel: Special Edition booklet was published for the Friends of the American Institute of Holy Land Studies, XIX no. 3-4. This was given to the founder of the ACA by Professor Emeritus Erich Kiehl, signed at top right. His hand-written note below the booklet title states “p. 30 Via Maris    p. 32 Bronze 2nd mill. BC __ jar handle”